Below are some example Livery Sets, once downloaded, please check the Instructions at the bottom of this page.

Original - Steel Livery
The Default Livery Supplied with I-Surf, use this if you have downloaded an alterative Livery and wish to revert back to the default state.
Download Size = 3.3 mb
Click here to download

Sky Livery
A relaxing light Livery Set for I-Surf, demonstrating the ability to position buttons in any chosen location.
Download Size = 3.1 mb
Click here to download

Wooden Livery
A Professional and clean looking I-Surf Livery Set. The Wooden Livery shows the full diversity of I-Surf.
Download Size = 4.5 mb
Click here to download

Livery Instructions
To use thes example livery sets, simply do the following:
- Extract the contents of the downloaded file to the root of the C: Drive.
- Edit your existing I-Surf_v6.ini by commenting out the existing entries using '--' at the begining of the line, and then adding the new entries exactly as shown below in bold text.

For Sky
For Wood

For Sky
For Wood

For Sky
For Wood

When you run I-Surf again, it will display the new livery. If you wish to return to the existing livery simply comment out the new entries and restore the original entries.